Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Pencil Review

Estee Lauder Double Wear Pencil Review

Hey guys sorry for the lack of post , been away  for my GD/PI last week and life has been petty busy , so wasnt able to update my blog often .
I hope you missed me :P

For precision lining
12-hour wear
"Best Eye Makeup"
2010 CEW Beauty Awards

Long-wearing eye pencil lines and defines with smooth, even color that looks fresh all day.

Wears for 12 hours. Sets in seconds.
  • Lightweight, creamy formula glides on effortlessly.
  • Rich, stay-true color won't feather or bleed.
Double-ended pencil has smudger on one end, color on the other.

Sharpens easily with the Estée Lauder Pencil Sharpener.

  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Fragrance-free

Price - 970 INR


  • Very sleek , Gives a luxurious feel 
  • Very thoughtful packaging , has pencil on one side while a *useful* smudger on the other
  • Consistency is just right, neither too hard (Colorbar I define pencils) nor too soft (Colorbar I glide on )
  • Lasts a good time
  • Its really black , Not the blackest black, but its black enough
  • Its is really smudgeproof ( However you can smudge it within 10 seconds of application) and sweatproof !( I survived a whole day on Mumbai's Humid weather and I tell you, I sweat like a Pig !)
  •  I can ell it will last for a good 3-4 months with daily application 

  • Expensive for a kohl, but its a luxury brand and judging from that prespective , I think its decently priced. So its a great SPLURGE :)

    Will I buy it again ?
    YES , I have been using it since 2 weeks in adverse weather conditions ( read Pune, Mumbai, Delhi) and can tell that this baby is for keeps, Just waiting to use it for some more weeks to finally proclaim it my HG :D

    DO I recommend it ?
    Yes, Totally !

    Stay pretty :)


    1. Glad you did the review. I soooooo want to buy it now.:) And you know I realized that estee lauder is still affordable even though it's a luxury brand. I find Lancome very expensive even though the products are of high quality. Still....

      If you like this then let me do a EL mascara review for you soon. i am sure you'll like that a well. :)

      How did the GD Pis go?

    2. Bourjois has a cheaper dupe that I'm gonna check out first :)

      how were the GD/PIs?

    3. Hey! Nice to read a review after long! This sounds nice.. which MBA colleges in Mumbai did u apply to? Good luck with the GDs/PI

    4. @Rati - I know and I'm loving this pencil these days ! Will love to see a review on new EL mascara :)
      @Ki- Yeah , I'm also planning to get some Bourjois pecils soon :)
      @T - :)
      I'm still 18 , so I applied for BBA Law course. Not in Mumbai, Just applied for Symbiosis and toured Mumbai :)
      GD/PI's were amazing ! The interviewers were very forthcoming and the atmosphere was relaxing.
      But anyways , I'm gonna stay in Delhi,so these GD/PI's were good confident boosters :)

    5. Hey..

      Nice review Palak. And you know, anything eye makeup attracts me..hehe..

    6. hey! just stumbled upon your blog from somewhere..wanted to say that u have a great blog and i will sure be coming back for more..
      keep rocking


    7. This pencil seems to be a gud buy as it comes with a smudger..Will try this one for sure.

    8. @GGG - Talk about anythin make-up ( face, eyes , lips, lashes , cheek , inner corner) and we gurls love it :P
      @Sovina - Oh, thanks a lot :)
      People like you are the reason I keep my blog runing :) Do come by often
      @Yuvna - Yes yes, thats why I decoded to get it plus the lasting power is quite good .. so its a win win situation :)

    9. I've never tried this myself, but if it passes the heat/humidity test, then it should withstand just about anything! :)

    10. I like that bar thingy u added in the middle of yr post :D . This sounds gooood! Sweat n smudge proof- i like!

      Good luck with yr GD/PI girly


    11. I posted comment here :( :( :( aww ....