Monday, June 14, 2010

New in Lush - Colour supplements . A preview

                            LUSH COLOR SUPPLEMENT

Perfect for giving an even, flawless look to your skin; these little beauties will cover up the odd blemish and tone down any redness. They can be used by themselves as a normal foundation for more concentrated coverage, or they can be mixed with our beautiful moisturizers to give a lighter, more dewy complexion. Made with red rose petal infusion to calm redness and glycerine to help your skin retain moisture, these mineral oil-free Colour Supplements do lovely things for your skin.      


Quantitative Ingredients

Fresh Rose Petal Infusion (Rosa damascena), Soya Oil (Glycine soja), Rice Bran Oil (Oryza sativa), Titanium Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Talc, Colour 77492, Glycerine,Triethanolamine, Cetearyl Alcohol, Colour 77491, Colour 77499, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

*Occurs naturally in essential oils

Available in 4 shades

  • Light Pink  - Light Pink is one of the lightest supplements. It can be blended with any of the others to create the right tint. This one is suited to people with pale or pink complexions. 
  • Light Yellow  -  Best suited to people with Ivory/Poreclain skin
  • Dark Yellow  -  Best suited to people with Olive/Yellow skin.I think this color will suit Indians/Asians
  • Dark Pink  -  Dark Pink is darkest colour for people with a healthy glow or pink skin.

IIt's made with rice bran and soya oils, rather than mineral oils, to care for all skin types. Just mix into your favourite moisturiser for a natural tint or use on its own as a foundation. You can also dot a little around unsightly blemishes for effective coverage.

It can be used as :-

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Custom Blend Tinted Moisturiser
Possible Cons :- Short shelf  life due to the absence of usual preservatives.


Rs 925/ $ 13.95 / £ 7.50 

Noticed the price difference , Anyone ?
Btw I'm super excited to try this out . The very concept of purchasing pure color/tint and then making your perfect foundation/TM/concealer is intriguing . Very intriguing.
I think make up artist or people with real inclination in make up will love it . I just hope I'm matched right !
I'm hoping to be Dark Yellow :D

The Local Lush site do NOT list this product yet but a quick look in Marie Claire got me the exact price .

Excited ??

*NOTE - This products contain Parabens.



  1. OH wow - I'm SUPER excited now! :D

    I'm hoping I get matched in this too - sounds like it's worth a try :)

  2. Hey.. I just love the new color theme of your blog :)I'm excited to try this product. Now that Lush is opening at Chennai, I'm super-duper excited

  3. I think I am the only one who is not excited about these. I have seen these at the store and you have to mix them with the moisturizer to bring your exact shade. I think it would be too much of a task to do every day. Don't you think? Also the price has really put me off. I did notice the price. ..:( WHy are they so biased with us?

    I hope they come up with more shades.They have such good ingredients no??:)

    Loved the template. :*

  4. Good day to you and keep us updated about your results. :)

  5. Hey! What a gr8 template.. loving the new look.

    I will agree with Rati here - I once got that Lotus Tinted Moisturiser which is based on the same concept. One half of the tube has pure tint & the other half moisturiser. It was a pain to mix them every morning, too much trial & error. Plus that had an horrendous sticky texture to boot.

    I am sure these are going to be way better than Lotus, in texture and smell and blendibilty but I can't see myself using them everyday while I am rushing to work. Will stick to ponds TM.

    & I wish Lush would give out samples here as well like they do abroad. Dishing out 900 bucks for a prdt that may be hit or miss is just too much. I wldn't mind paying 90 bucks for tiny-miney sample to try at home though just to get a feel.

    Sorry, I seem to have written a post itself in your comments :P

    & Gurl, u gotta post a lil more frequently, miss your posts :D

  6. How did I miss this at the store..should go check it out. Not sure if I will buy it though.

  7. And your site does look nice with this layout - you have changed it, haven't you?

  8. I have tried the Lotus TM+Moisturizer thingie and also Shahnaz Husain Flower Power Base(same concept as the Lush one)...Sadly I too feel it is too much of work when you are in a hurry..

    Btw..Yummy template :-)

  9. @ki and Priya - me too , me too :)

  10. @ Rati and T - Yup gurl, I know most of us like our daily make up to be hassle free, But since Lush products works quite well on my skin , I'm VERY tempted to give it a try !!
    And yes Lush, why the step motherly treatment, eh ?
    and T ,I agree to the core .. they should start providing us with samples too
    The other day I was browsing thru Bourjois website and saw they are giving free sample size pack of their new mascara . I ultimately pitied all of us :(
    And dont worry about the LONG comment .. I myself do that ALOT of times in ua blog :D

  11. @GGG - Really ? Does SH have the same kinda stuff ?? Then please do a review :)
    @Rads and everyone - Yes girls . I changed the template . I'm glad you all like it :)

  12. You know yesterday Estee luader was giving 4 samples each to US janta. :((

  13. And atleast tanveer agrees. geeeeeeeee...

  14. first of all, nice template! and i agree with tanveer, you should post more often!
    the concept of trial and error doesn't appeal to me, but i think once you have the right proportion, it won't be difficult to memorize it. also, this looks like it would work great as a concealer. looks like you're ready to buy this product, so i'm looking forward to a review!

  15. Thanks Rima .
    I know, It sounds like I'm ready to purchase it but sadly it wont be very soon. I have to check if its available in stores yet !
    and I will definitely try to update more often :)

  16. Thats sad Rati , Why aren't we given these offers :'(

  17. Thanks for letting me know :)

  18. @tanveer

    Lush does give out free samples if you ask! I asked for a sample last time I was there (in the store in Hyderabad) and was given one (albeit slightly reluctantly). I got a shampoo sample which lasted 3 washes.

  19. Hey Palak! I am loving the new template, girlie :)
    It seems a nice product, would check it out for sure xoxo

  20. I will do a review Palak once I get back home. Im travelling right now and sadly its not in ma travel kit..