Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ponds Matte oil control concentrate review

This is for you Priyanka :)

Pond's Matte oil control concentrate                                                               

Pond’s Oil Control Concentrate has special ingredients like Elastomer, Polymer, Light ester and even powder.
These ingredients come together to form a network of micro traps that captures the oil. And hydrates again with non-greasy moisture.
The result? A shine-free complexion that looks matte and feels wonderfully light for longer.

In my quest to find a product to banish the unwanted shine on my T-zone .. I got this baby on Cynthia's recco and this works wonders for me .
Just to give you a background on my skin .
I have a fairly oily T-zone and I cant use the regular creams and moisturiser .I have to use calamine and Loreal anti imperfection moisturiser if I have to prevent oil burst out for couple of hours .With this on , I can survive 8-10 hours of beautiful semi-matte skin .

DO NOT apply it like regular cream . It is oil control concentrate not cream.  I apply it wherever I am prone to oiliness i.e T-zone .You can use it before or after foundation , completely your choice. I apply it after   my TM (if em wearing one) , else after the moisturiser .  The nozzle tip allows just enough product to use . With the nozzle tip as a product dispenser , You wont have a chance of  wasting it :)

I use it as a substitute for eye primer too . This + little concealer helps the eye make up on me to last much longer . I even tried Rati's Primer remedy (Lotus sunscreen + concealer) and it worked fine too . Though with PMOCC , My eye make up retains longer .

I think its similar to MAC matte, Though I havent tried it . I also had my eyes on Vichy Normaderm pro matte, which is also similar , in my opinion.

Only drawback is the packaging.No, No I love the nozzle tip but the long tube size is rather consumer - unfriendly.You can't fit it in purse and storing it is such a pain .. it has no grip so you gotta store it horizontally   :(

Overall .I LOVE this product and would recommend it to combination + oily skinned ladies without apprehensions .The best part is that it is totally affordable at 250 INR (for 50 grams)comparable to MAC Matte (1000-1200) and Vichy  Normaderm Pro matte ( around 800-900 ) . I would say YES YES YES to it !


  1. hey Palak,

    That is such a nice product, but have never noticed it before :-(
    I am definitley going to buy one. Like you, I too have a combi skin-oily on the T zone.

    Have you tried Tea Tree Mattifying gel from TBS?

    And thanks for the homemade eye primer recipe.

  2. No , I hvent tried it yet. Will make it a point to check out once I am in TBS.
    This baby is definitely a keeper . such a life saver in Delhi heat when my oil glands suddenly activates :(

  3. Palak, Thks for this review yaar! What a gem of a prdt. Am too gonna get this for my eyelids. I have dry skin but my eyelids are oily! (so weird!)

  4. hehe !
    In winters my skin is oily on nose and sahara desert elsewhr !
    OMG ! Skin is such a case sensitive topic :D

  5. wow sounds really nice :) Lovely review!

  6. There is so much I get to learn from you about the oily skin. Glad atleast you tried my tip. :P

    I liked the review and would recommend this to a friend. :)

  7. Thnk you darling.. That was pretty quick..

    i really need sumthing like that because my tzone is like an oil mine.. i dont use any thing on my face.. yes im lazy but the main thing is my skin is so sensitive it breakouts (not actually breakout because its just a pimple or two no sumthing drastic, but a breakout nevertheless) wid everything, and that makes me so scared to use anything.. but now since i have found a face wash that works for me.. im on a mission to find other products that will as well.. and im sure i can use this product cause ur skin souds so like mine.. will buy this n tell u if it worked for me or not..

    once again thnk u.. and since u have fulfilled my wish so soon and so easily get ready to be disturbed at regular intervals.. ;)

  8. hey thanks for the info. Im glad it works for you and im definitely gonna keep this in mind.

  9. #Rati - and I learn so much about dry skin from you .. isnt blogging all abt this .. expanding yer horizons ? *chuckles*

  10. @PRI - yeah , even I realised that we too have very similar skin type .. I was also scared of putting anythin on my face before .. but now I know how to curb the massive pimple breakout so I'm open to new stuff.
    I would LOVE to get "disturbed" by you on regular basis :)
    Thanks for the encouraging words :)

  11. @Becky - Yeah. Even you can try it if yu have oily skin . but I am not sure if its available in States :(

  12. Hey Palak,

    Nice post…

    Have recently started following your blog thru Tanveer’s Blog…

    Shall try this product as I have really oily lids ..dry skin but oily lids …kajal smudges on my face till miles from the lashline :(

  13. Think the vichy one is soo much better when compared .But again it does come with a price tag:)

  14. Hey girl, im gonna see if its available over here in the U.S. Ive neevr tried anything from ponds so i would want to try it.

  15. I am not a ponds girl as i remeber using its cold cream when i was in my teen..ewww

    but looking at yur review i must give it a try.:)

    and best of luck for yur exams:)

  16. Hey Palak, your new follower :)

  17. @Shweta - ahh..welcome to my blog :)
    seems like you have the same problem as Tanveer .. maybe this product will prove helpful !!

  18. @Anamika - Yes gurl ! em sure all of us used some Ponds,Charmis when we were younger :P
    N thnks for da wishes :)

  19. @ Yuvna - Welcome to my blog :)

  20. Hey Palak...I totally forgot that u requested for a review on this one last sorry girl!:( It's coz I kept it away during the winters n forgot I had it.
    Glad u like it...I'm using it these days coz it's hot n my skin gets oily. Great review!