Friday, June 25, 2010

Beyu eye Base/Primer review

                                                    Beyu eye base review

What it claims ?
Get maximum perfection from your eyeshadow! Beyu eye base provides a foundation so your eye color can glide on smoothly and stay brilliant for hours. No creasing allowed ! Creamy texture, neutral in color, ideal for any skin type. Comes in practical tube for easy application.    
Bisabolol and Vitamin E soothe and protect the delicate eye area

Price - Marketed by Elder in India . 475 INR for 7 mL
Best before 36 months from date of mfd date

What is eye base ?
Eye base considerable improves the durability and color intensity of powder eyeshadows for a long lasting effect  

How does it look ?
A beige colored liquid with silver shimmer ( not the OTT one )


  • My e/s stays longer on my lids 
  • Makes the eyeshadow vibrant , Even the sheer one looks more pigmented  
  • The squeezy tube is very practical and hygienic
  • The price . Pretty affordable for an eye primer.
  • The beige color even out the lids a little , nothing drastic though
  • Not drying , I feel comfortable after application
  • I use it before applying any liner on my upperlid and my liners stays a LOT  longer than usual :).
  • The e/s doesn't last exceptionally long , the lasting power is above average(like 5-6 hours) , I would say.
  • People with very oily lids might loathe it .As it is a bit moisturising
  • Does NOT dry clear , You will have some shimmers peeking through mattes e/s
  • Do NOT confuse it with a color correcting primer , it merely brighten up your lid a little
  • Call me weird , But I sniffed it , smells like Jasmine oil aka Chameli ka tel :P ( this is not a CON , Bdw :D)   

This is How it looks like                                                                                           Blended 
                                                                                                                       Noticed the fine shimmers ?

I like the fact that I can use it alone.
I sometimes use it instead of e/s , a quick swipe of eye base , colored liner , mascara and kajal .. I'm good to go.The little shimmer looks very pretty alone :)

Swatches without eye base (Top ) and with eye base (below)
This is a very much adored Maybelline eye palette in "chai latte) .. See , How the colors look vibrant in the lower swatches.

*I have clicked the pic in artificial lighting

It is a necessity in a Bride's trousseau/ working women/eye make up fanatic's life.A great addition for everyone but not a vital one.
Frankly , I can live without this product[ becz  I don't have to use e/s everyday] but as I said earlier , a good addition and makes life easier ;)
I definitely dig it when I go out .

So, have you tried it ??


  1. Uh-ohhh..oily lids I am not so keen on having shimmer in it. Glad you reviewed this, wanted to try it myself but now I guess I am going stay off this. Any suggestions for oily-lidded girls?

  2. aww.. I have oily lids too but it work well in night and I presume .. winters too.
    You can try the concealer + Ponds matte oil control concentrate tip (works quite well on my oily- normal lids):)
    Or the one CZ blogged abt .. Concealer + any silicon based eye cream :)

  3. Eyelid primer is one thing I don't have, other than the ELF primer.

    But looks like I will give this a pass due to oiliness.

    I think I will go for MAC paintpot for the base.

  4. I use MAC but was on a lookout for a second option....but after ur review will strike it off my list due to oiliness :)

  5. 知識可以傳授,智慧卻不行。每個人必須成為他自己。.................................................................

  6. So finally we have the much awaited review. :)For me also it's a pass. i love my matte shadows so much that i wouldn't want a sprinkle of shimmer seeing though them. Loved the review, I so wanted to know how it was. :P

  7. @GGG - I find a bit too sticky but I normally use them when out partying/weddings.You will be better off with the MAC paint pot :D
    @Yuvna- I think MAC paint pot is the best option we have over here ..I was also keen on paint pot but the SA convinced me to get this one becz it remains OOS for months :P
    @Rati - Hell yeah ! Even I wont repurchase it .. My next purchase wd be the paint pots :D

  8. Might try this sometime :)

  9. I absolutely adore the UDPP, gonna have to try the shimmer based primers now, thanks for the review girlie :))

  10. Hey, thks for the review. I too was waiting for your verdict before I purchased this. As of now I am using NYX eye base as primer.

  11. Nice review gurl. I don't think I'd buy it since my lids get oily :[. But it does make those eyeshadow swatches pop!


  12. 河水永遠是相同的,可是每一剎那又都是新的。.................................................................

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