Friday, October 26, 2012

How fake lashes can change your look

I have seen many people getting apprehensive when it comes to using false lashes and honestly I belonged to the same category a year back but my life took a turnaround when I started using these Revlon lashes. They are perfect and as a matter of fact , all fake lashes are perfect. They give you the special edge , a glamorous look and most importantly makes my small eyes stand a class apart !

I am a convert ! I mostly use them for special occasions like wedding and parties and oh my ! everybody keeps asking me about the mascaras I use :D

Just to give you a preview , I am sharing some pics with the lashes one and you be the judge and seriously ! Starts wearing the fake lashes , it wont make you look cheap if done properly. My biggest worry was that I will look like too mean and fake , but nada at Indian wedding everything is excused ;)

Can you see the difference ? The first pic shows the comparison between no lashes and fake lashes and the second pic epitomise the lush lash look I was bragging about. 

How to make lashes work for you ?

  • Hunt down the style of lashes you want to wear. they come in number of styles like - Glamorous  natural , defining , volumizing and lengthening
  • Once you zeroed down on your preferred style , invest in lash glue . I use Revlon lash glue and it hasn't failed me even once 
  • Now see if lashes fits your lash line , if its too big trim the sides and if its short (which is rare) then concentrate the lashes to the outer side of the lash line
  • Begin by applying glue to the fake lashes and wait for 10-20 seconds so that the glue can become tacky and with the help of tweezers (or fingers whichever you prefer) apply it over your natural lash line
  • Try and align the fake lash strip and your natural lash line as close as you can. Adjust if required
  • Make sure you curl your lashes and apply mascara liberally. This step will ensure that both the slashes will look as natural as they can !
  • Now line your upper lashline with black eyeliner so that the strip is not visible and you lashes look natural
  • If you feel like, Tight line your eyes and apple kajal. Done !

How To remove the fake lashes ?
  • Take a cotton wool, dip it in make up remover, press the ball over your eyes for few seconds and wait for the glue to get dissolved. Once it is done you will be able to remove the fake lashes and remove make up as usual. 
  • You can also reuse the same lashes . Just make sure you clean them properly with make up remover  

And please excuse me for the less than perfect tracing of fake lash , I did it in hurry but I hope this will give you confidence to rock these lashes . Make them work for you :)

Friday, September 28, 2012 - Shopping experience

With so many e-commerce portals coming up , we as consumers are spoilt for choice. But sometimes I really think , are they worth it ? yes they give you awesome discounts and deals but what happens if you order wrong size . And all my apprehensions with respect to online shopping for apparels came to halt when I purchased from Jabong.
I navigated the whole site and honestly I loved their layout. Somehow searching from myriad varieties of apparels suddenly doesn't seem like a task.
I wanted a basic black top to go with my colored pants and I narrowed down to a chic piece by Lara karen.
I ordered it on Tuesday and received the top the very next day ! Incredible :D
More reasons to love Jabong ;)
The package arrived in tamper proof package and the top was securely packed with all the tags intact.

What I like about the site ?

  • Easy navigation and clean interface
  • Searching for products was a breeze
  • Excellent customer service. The courier guy was patient till the time I fetched my ID proof (Needed ,in case of prepaid orders) 
  • Prompt delivery - the very next day in my case. I'm put up in Delhi
  • Wide selection
  • Easy returns 
  • Free shipping
What I didn't like ?
  • Limited variety of products in beauty category
  • The discounts are not as hefty as it used to be
  • No returns on cosmetic products due to hygiene reasons
  • Cash on delivery charges for products upto certain amount 
Will I buy again ? Course , I will. The speedy delivery impressed me the most :)

 I was given a gift voucher to shop from this site. But my reviews are honest and unbiased as always.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lakme Absolute Mattreal mousse Foundation Review, Photos and swatches

Lakme Absolute Mattreal foundation Review, Photos and Swatches

What the company claims?

This mousse to powder formula delivers a feather light finish giving you a smooth breathable skin while its weightless formulation hides pores, uneven skintone and fine lines to leave skin peachy soft all day long.
  •          Last upto 16 hours
  •     Feather light texture
  •     SPF 8

Comes in 3 shades
  •         Ivory fair (1)
  •     Golden medium (3) 
  •         Beige Honey (5)
       Price - 550 bucks 
      Here comes the premium cosmetic line from Lakme. It is everything that we bloggers were cribbing for Lakme to achieve. Long lasting products, Innovative packaging ( who wants to see the lip colors and foundation in that same old boring maroon packaging ? )
      When I first saw this range, the only thing that captivated my imagination was this foundation. Shiny color and innovative ball type packaging with 16 hours of wear. What was not to like ? I finally got my hands on it and Got the shade Golden medium which is light for my NC 42 skin tone.


The picture shows how beautifully it fits into the palm. Now on the performance
The consistency is air whipped. It blends with a bit difficulty , By that I mean thorough blending is required. It gives a beautiful matt finish but starts looking powdery if applied too much. I didn't find the coverage build able. If you try to build it, it starts looking cakey. It is a great daily wear foundation  since it even outs the skin , covers pore a bit and control oil for few hours. I think it will suit oily and combination skin more

Drawbacks - It makes skin look flakey if not applied after properly prepping skin. Moisturizer is must if you want the optimal finish from the foundation.
It doesn't last long. I see the effect till 4 hours before it starts fading :|

This is me wearing the foundation. see how it blurs out imperfection

Will I buy again ? No, I will use it till it lasts but it aint anything exceptional if you ignore the fancy packaging.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ponds Pure white face wash review

Ponds Pure white Face wash with activated carbon

What Ponds say about their new facial foam ?
Ponds reveal its little black beauty secret with its new powerful Pure White facial foam ! It has the technology of activated carbon that attracts the deep seated "black" dirt caused by impurities,oil and make up to reveal a Pure white you.
It is the first of its kind to be formulated with activated carbon which works with "black attracts black" . Carbon , when heated or "activated" becomes 8x porous ; hence increasing its ability to detoxify and gently exfoliate dead skin cells while retaining the needed moisture.

With Ponds White Facial Foam you skin has never been this pure and white ! Thanks to the power of activated carbon.

Price - Rs 75 for 50 grams

I have been using this Face wash since last month and frankly , its the best I have tried till date . I have combination oily skin which is prone to acne . It comes in a sturdy and compact squeezy tube which looks quite sophisticated in my opinion .
Its a creamy greyish coloured  face wash which immediately lifts away the excess oil and the dust in one wash . My skin felt squeaky clean and fresh . A great face wash for oily skin and a boon for the people living in a city like mine , full of dirt, humidity and pollution.
Fairness claims - Scores Zilch. Nothing can make you fairer but it indeed has cleared up my skin , my skin looks brighter and clearer and LESS OILY too . YAY !! . I dont think it works miracles on existing pimples but prevents further breakouts .
Oily skinned ladies , Try it out . it wont disappoint you .
I normally use it before going to bed .

Wont recommend it for dry and mature skin . Works best for oily skin with occasional breakouts . People suffering from aggravated acne , Stick to the medicated / herbal face washes.

Good day :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Quick update

Hi Lovely ladies !!

I have been busy with my birthday preparation these days , so had little time to blog .
After 12th July , I'll be punctual . Pakka !!!
Just a quick update , I'm a contributor for SHE portal by Sulekha !
Do check out my recent post . Guys , I need support :)
Check my post here

Have a lovely week ahead !

Quick TIP - Suffering from redness of the pimple or is it the puffiness from having too much fun last night ? Green tea is the answer . Brew a green tea bag , let it cool and press it on the area for a minute or two .Same thing as green Tea toner . But much much faster ;)