Monday, May 10, 2010

Ponds Age Miracle Tinted moisturizer review

                                                                     Ponds TM review

Another dedication to ki :)

What is it ?

 Experience the dual power of anti-ageing skincare with a natural “no makeup” finish with our lightweight, tinted anti-ageing moisturizer. With super-fine colorspheres to even out your skin tone and the same active ingredients of one of our best anti-ageing moisturizer, Advanced CLA Complex + SPF 15 PA++ for that smooth, natural finish with a luminous radiant glow.
How to enjoy a naturally sheer finish with anti-ageing protection: Apply evenly over thoroughly cleansed face.

Rs215 for 30 mL
Available in 3 shades 
  1. Sheer Ivory
  2. Sheer Rose
  3. Sheer Honey
I use sheer Rose (02) But have repurchased it and now using honey(03)
Sheer rose has Pink undertone while Sheer Honey has yellow undertones.Stupid SA fooled me into getting the Rose shade :(
I have combination oily skin and it doesnt make my skin oilier. 
  • Its is a 3 in one product - a sunscreen(has SPF 15),moisturizer and Tinted TM
  • No breakout whilst wearing it , so YAY !
  • Offers just the perfect coverage,nor too heavy neither too sheer
  • Blends like a dream
  • Dries up to a dewy finish
  • Very versatile-You can apply it using a stippling brush,foundation brush or even your hands
  • I sometimes use it to brighten my under eye area and it works !
  • I love the price 
  • My skin is softer and appears smoother when I use it
  • Comes in a tiny cute bottle,very portable 
  • the bottle dispenses just the enough product
  • Doesn't grease my skin up
  • Stay on for a decent amount of time 
  • The shade sheer Honey is perfect .

  • May not suit well for people seeking High coverage.Anyway its not a it really won't be a con.
  • Dry skin fellas might loathe it. But my other Blogger friends with dry skin love it.
  • It is NOT a substitute for Sunblock
  • Not very long lasting.I have to set it with a powder and be ready for mid-day touchups
  • Limited shade selection. 
Will I repurchase ?
Of course .I'm on my second bottle :)
Btw I dropped at Ambience Mall on Saturday.Got my skin checked at Clinique, I have combination-oily skin contrary to what I think .I used to believe I have VERY oily skin .
Also did some shopping at Nine West and Aldo.I got THE killer Black stilettos :D
Btw You can also read the Pond's TM review here ,here and here by my dear blogger friends Tanveer,Cynthia and Smita
Btw Did you know we also get Banana Boat sunscreen in India too ? I got the Ultra one in SPF 30 
It is available at New u,Ambience Mall.The one which Cynthia told us about.Its a great deal at 360INR for 236mL 
Have a great day !


  1. Yay...

    I love this product..esp that it doesnt give a very heavy look...Perfect for simple office wear :-) shade is also Honey..

  2. Everyone drove me nuts about how this one isn't for oilier skins... I have combination skin too so I guess I WILL try this asap.

    Thanks for yet another review palak! :D kabhi saath mein shopping chalenge! :D did you also check out MAC while in ambience?

    Ooh and what powder do you set it with? I'm planning to dry maybelline's dream matte powder. :)

  3. @GGG- Wow !I guess we have same skintone.I will refer back to your posts on foundations now :)

    @ki-yes yes ,babes do try it.I know you'l love it.I set it with Maybelline dream matte,its pretty good :)
    Oh , I so wanted to visit MAC but my mum was over my head .. she asked me to finish up with my shopping soon as we had to visit my aunt:(
    Sorry MAC,next time. I promise :D

  4. I know about the banana boat sunscreen and I found the packaging super cute. But I was so unsure about it that i did not purchase it. Would you do a review please?

    My test at Clinique came out to be apt- dry-combination in summers. :P

  5. Hey Palak, one question, how often do you do touch-ups with this....i mean...with respect to hours?

  6. I just went to the MAC store that's why was asking - I tried the Face and Body foundation, which I think is something you'll love! Do check it out. :)

  7. Wow!! Glad to know that you too have combination oily skin.Now i can know what will suit me or not through your blog.

  8. @rati- sure,will do that once I test it enough :)
    @Jomol- umm.. I touch up with a retractable brush every 4 hours .. Not bad for someone like me :D
    @Ki- oh really ?? I heard that its water resistant ! Btw did you get it ?

  9. @anamika - hehe .. sure babes !

  10. Great review girly...n thanks for the link love :*
    I think this is one of Ponds' star products. Wow killer stilettos?!! Sounds fab! Sounds like a very drool-worthy HAUL!


  11. Yes,I believe Ponds have a very good skincare line.
    Oh yes , the stilettos,,been lemming for a droolworthy footwear from a looong time and this was purrfect !

  12. No! Too costly! 1800 bucks was just beyond me esp since I had already bought an inglot lippie, fab rose water and a cleansing milk :D

  13. Aww..Now start saving up for that foundie gurly :)
    btw the MAC F&B foundation is cheapest foundation of MAC .. 1800 for 120mL while Satinfinish is Rs1630 for 30mL and studio fix around 1400 for 30mL
    Btw I have been lemming for Inglot..which color you got ??

  14. Great review. I'm an Indian residing in the US, and I long for a visit to India so I can purchase some makeup that is made for Indian skin! Nice blog, just started following ya. :)

  15. I got 167. It's a pinkish shade... awesome! :D ya, I know F&B IS great value for money! That's why I'm saving up! :)

    I started a beauty blog btw -

    Will have a post up by tonight. Do drop by and check it out! :)

  16. Hi Palak :)
    I'm in Mumbai for a couple of weeks now. I'd thought I'd check out the beauty shops here, see what brands and discounts are on offer, but its just TOO hot!!! :( :(
    So.. tinted moisturiser, finally showed its face in India too? Good going. Personally, I just mix any heavy coverage foundation with my spf 30, and I've got a customised tinted moisturiser to go :)

  17. Thank you babes for the review.. though i was sure to buy it just on your recco but reading a full fledged review before buying a product gives you an idea about what to expect..!!
    and stop being a lazy bum and give us new blogposts atleast thrice... ok twice a week..!!!

    sugetion for next post: ootd with the your killer heels.. ;)

    And Ki thank you so much for te price information on the Face and body foundtaion.. i am definitely buying it.. i was wanting it for soooo long and you know why..?? i just read somewhere that Kim Kardashian uses the face and body foundation from MAC and i was like im gettimg thi sone for sure.. have you seen the womens makeup its smokingly hot..!!

  18. Ashwini- Do try the Colorbar products the next time you are in India !!They are great :)
    @ki- Wow,that must be pretty ! Swatches please :)
    @Mukho-Even I used to do that .. but this one is hassle free :P
    And I know Mumbai is pretty humid..the one I loathe "chipchipi garmi" ..Yuks !!

  19. @ Pri- Thanks girl.I NEEDED some thrashing..taking the blog for granted since Looong time!
    And yes even I heard Kim uses this.. she's my make up idol..she's so Hot ,so sexy ..such a goddess ..I love her :)
    I'll post the picture of I wont be going out in next two weeks..CBSE 12th RESULT :@
    And I am sure you won't like to wait till THAT long :P

  20. I bought the TM!!! :D I got honey too... rose was too pink-y for my sallow undertones! Thanks for the great review that convinced me to get it :D

    I'll do lippie swatches on my blog ASAP :)

  21. Priyanka: Tell me how you find it over the long run if you buy it...staying power etc. I'm considering it for my wedding but still saving up the 1800!

  22. Wow ! tell me How you find it :)

  23. Dunno how i missed this review in the first place, but nonetheless, gr8 review. I totally agree with all your points. I just love this baby to bits and never travel without it. I use Sheer Rose now.

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  25. Wow, you definitely get at moisturizing face mask for all that!! And I'd LOVE to know what made you think of using moisturizing face mask