Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to make frosty lipsticks work for you ?


Let me start with my current "coral obsession". As they say,Coral is THE color of the season and I can't agree more.
I have been hooked to Bobbi brown "cabana coral" collection but sadly couldn't lay hands on it. BOBBI BROWN come to INDIA :@
Oh.How I went gaga over the shimmerbrick in "Nectar" *sigh**double sigh*

There and then I wanted coral lips.But how ?
I dont have any coral lipcolor.At this time I remembered some of my hopeless lipsticks.The one in THROW section.
And I saw these.
No,too frosty for my taste.
But then what is coral ?? orange with red/pink undertone
what I lust ? Coral red .
I can apply this orangish frost color with a Red lipstick and can get My personalised color.
Thats what I did and see the results.

Colorbar lipstick in"rock you baby"- Frost orange with lots of gold shimmer

Oriflame lipstick in " cranberry crush" - Deep cranberry is how I can describe it at its best .


 The Farthest left is the cocktail of the other two lipsticks.Rest are swatches.

A perfect red coral for me.

Now go,make your Frosty lipsticks work,.Don't forget to apply frost lipcolor first and then the actual shade you want (it can be any matte pink/mauve/red/brown)

Priyanka wanted an OOTD with my "killer heels" ;) but I am not gonna wear it anytime soon. Results are approaching fellas.I'm surely going to be grounded by my parents :D

So anyways I'm posting the pics . Enjoy :)
P.s- They are approximately 3 1/2 inches high. I love towering over people :D
                                    Front View

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Side View                                   

Sorry the pics are lil blurry , I dropped my digicam :(

Have a b'ful day.
Mwah :)


  1. Oh man those shoes are FABULOUS!♥
    I so love the lippie cocktail girl...the shade looks so good on u


  2. Palak...

    OMG..looks like today is a day for creativity..I go to IMBB and see M using her nude lipliner for her eyes..and here, you are creating new colours..

    That looks very nice on you and glad that 2 lippies didnt go waste..

    And man..those stilletos are soopah sexy..

  3. Geee...thanks Poornima :)
    I saw that post by M,she's one creative woman !

    aahh..I know.The moment I saw them,I knew these would be mine :D

  4. I'm whistling at the stilettos ;)

    and LOVING the lips :D

  5. These stilettos are so chic yes so is your lipstick color..

  6. Than you for the pic Palak..!!!

    The "customised color for Palak" looks pretty.!!

    Bf gifetd me some killer heels recently.. dont know when will i be able to wear them.. asked my doc he said we will see after 3 mnths... so sad.. i hate hate hate flats.. im in heels al the time.. dont know what will i do now.. :(

  7. aww.. Priyanka,I Know you are not well since a long time.. eveasdropped at Rati's blog..sorry!
    I didn't comment,I thot You wont like it but really girl , I am so proud of you,fighting with all odds,still you are such a positive person and your very presence(read comments :D)lifts my mood up:))
    N don't worry,You have lined with it since 3 years ,another 3 months can't deter your strong willpower and I'm sure you gonna rock em baby :)
    n yeah ,I'm also a heels person,They are hawt hawt hawt :D
    Now get well soon and We'll have a BIG girls day out with You,Rati and all the fellow Delhi bloggers :D(It also includes me,ok ?)
    Love you girl ^_^

  8. hey nice trick :) by the way those shoes are hot!

  9. Hi Palak :)
    Good God, how do you stand up in those things? I'd fracture my ankle in 5 minutes!! :P
    As for the coral, may I recommend Bourjois Paris Lovely Brille Glossy Lipstick in Corail Des Mers...

  10. @Mukho- Hahaha !! But you have to agree , they are the hotest things eva..I am sure yu'll rock it yar,Try it sometime :)

    @AOYV- Thanks :)

  11. oh damn!! those heels are bloody sexy. *drooooll* and that customised lippy looks very pretty. :)

  12. And bobby brown. Sigh!! want it. :(

  13. @Rati- me too want BB so badly,Lets keep our fingers crossed.

  14. aaaw swthrt thanks for such sweet words.. bt ive been on bed just for the last 1.5 yrs and yes 3 months are like nothing now..

    will definitely show u mine they r awesome..!!! and yes we will meet definitely..!!

  15. Ohhh! Those heels are sexy! Love the lipstick combo too hun!

  16. lovely post as usual Palak :) Love the heels!

  17. OMG! Those heels are killer! I wanted red high heels but I bought boots from Mochi(it was love at first sight so I had to buy them)but I couldn't find good red ones so I'll be buying them later. I always buy black so this time I decided I'll definately buy red ones! Thanks for following me. I'm also ur new follower! Well my results come out tomorrow and I'm a nervous wreck! What about you??