Thursday, May 13, 2010

TBS Bath Gloves review

                                                        The Body Shop Bath gloves Review

Best if you want to: Remove dead skin cells and increase the lather of your body wash with exfoliating mitts.
How it works:
  • Textured mitts are elasticized to stretch to fit any size hands.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Particularly for use on dry skin that needs intense exfoliation on a regular basis.

Elasticated and woven nylon material - provides intense exfoliation.An elasticated wrist band on each glove - stops the gloves from slipping off the hands during use.A loop on each glove - enables you to hang them in your bathroom for ease.

Recommended use: Use the gloves two to three times a week for maximum effect. Pour a small amount of body wash onto gloves and rub in circular motion over body. Rinse after use and hang to dry. Regular exfoliation and massage can help to tone and firm skin. 
For extra exfoliation, use with a scrub from The Body Shop Bath & Body range. Use two to three times a week for maximum effect. Regular exfoliating and massaging can help tone and firm the skin. Rinse after use and hang to dry. Use two to three times a week for maximum effect. Regular exfoliating and massaging can help tone and firm the skin.

Price :- Rs 225 for a pair of gloves
They are available in many different colors.US and Global sites states following colors.
  • White                                                                   
  • Lilac                                                                                    
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Green
Mine is Pink :)

If there was one product I have to recommend from The Body Shop. This is it.
The reason I bathe everyday :p ( Creepy , I know )
Go,Run and get em. This is the best thing that will ever happen to your skin.


  • Its PINK ! (Need I say more?)
  • Exfoliate like nobody's business, that too without being harsh.
  • My skin is in love with this.whenever I stop using this, my skin seems different
  • Bathing was never so much fun.With these in my arsenal,showering tempts me.Even in winters
  • My skin has improved ALOT after using this,Its so soooft ! Even my mum said this n she doesn't believe in giving compliments :P
  • Has a loop on the sideways,so storing is no hassle .I just attach that loop on a hook
  • Pretty economical
  • Very sturdy, it doesn't slip while foaming
  • One size fits all.Upon drying it regains its orignal size
  • They will last long
  • Can easily reach harder to reach places like back. 
  • Why the hell can't I use it everyday ? Oh well, I do :P (Even though it states that it should only be used thrice a week ,but it haven't done any harm to my skin yet.I'm always gentle whilst using this) 
  • None actually

  • Keep it away from Blue dyes.My maid accidentaly spilled "Ujala" over it.Since then,It hasn't regained its original color :(
  • Wash it weekly with some mild detergent.
How do I use ?
I just squirt some of my usual bodywash over it ,lather , pay attention to some rough areas like elbows,knees and feet and rinse. Hello Baby soft skin :)

It states it can also be used with some Body scrubs. Honestly, I haven't tried that. Too abrasive for me. 
I'm happy with the current results :)

Will I repurchase ? Heck Yes !
I made couple of my friends get this and they are loving it :)


  1. Hey Palak :)
    I was going to ask you about its ease of use on the back, but u've answered that already! I'm a sucker for body exfoliators. Looks like I'm buying this :)

  2. Do that ! You wont be disappointed ,these are great :)

  3. My fiance bought this! Can you believe that in France they have a combination pack with mango body polish and yellow gloves?! Lucky bugger!!!

    I'm gonna try these soon. And IN PINK! :D

  4. I rea about these in Tanveer blog and cant thank her enough for it...They are a must buy..

  5. ujala. loll!!! let me take a look at them once again now. :)

  6. Just got it recently...and I LOVE it...

    Gives a very scrubbed clean feeling in this sticky summer weather..

    Btw.mine is green

  7. @ki- Wow ! It sounds really good,yellow gloves,whoa !
    @Anamika- Yes ,even I was convinced to get it but only after Tanveer's review.She's awesome :)

  8. @Rati- Lol !DO check them Rati, I know you'll love it :)
    I haven't touched any loofah after I laid hands on this baby !

    @Poornima- Yes,I always feels so clean after the shower , Its the best-est feeling ever :)

  9. I want them ever since Tanveer and Cynthia have raved about them..!!!

    was checking the TBS site yesterday and i was like wow i will buy this.. and i will buy this as well and yes this one also.. i want so many things from there.. till now only thng ive bought from them is the lipbalm..!!! i wish they had an online shop..

  10. Great review Palak - I may wanna have a look at these the next time I am in TBS :)

  11. @Pri- Do get em,pri,you skin will thank you :)
    @shivani- DO so,Its better than Buffy :D

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  13. Hehe...silly maid. I forgot what ujala is lol... never mind I'll ask someone :D

    I absolutely adore these too!


  14. Cool! Never thought of buying these until today....will surely get them :)
    Tnx for the review

  15. I don't have TBS at my place... I am gonna make somebody of you get me these...

    So tempting...

  16. Wow I think I need this in my life :)

  17. @Cz- Yup !
    @make up with MBA,M and Shif - Yeah girls check them out !