Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to rock the Red Lips

                                                             Smokey Eyes and Strong Lips                                                       

I have never been this scared to post my pic on this blog.
Reasons :-
  • Strong make up
  • RED lips 
Yeah , the dreaded Red lips .
I am not even 18 , ok, Dont thrash me if it don't look good . I can NEVER ever wear this look out of my home, Just because of the simple reason that  it 's TOO strong for my Young demeanor :P

But maybe , when I am 23 , I will dare to rock it outside my own shell . Till then , Pinks , coral and peaches are my only friend :)

This post is just for experimentation and testing my own limits , After all thats what blogs are for . I would love your tips and thoughts on this particular strong look . But please dont be very brutal with my attempt sad smileys

OMg , I am sooo scared .
Ok , now on the topic .

  • Red tint / Matte red lipstick ( Bourjois and TBS make a good one)
  • Lip brush
  • Angeled brush  ( To define the cupid bow , Thanks Rati for this tip )
  • Loose powder( I used Oriflame loose powder)
  • Fluffy brush (to dust the powder on the lips)
  • Tissue

I used a very inexpensive lipstick , Oriflame Hydra comfort lipstick in Cranberry crush , Its not a true red but I used it like a tint ( applying with a lip brush , blotting and then powdering . I repeated this step couple of times and stopped when I got the desired depth )
Then applied the Oriflame Giordani Gloss supreme in "Absolute red" with a lip brush.
and Voila ! I got the sexy Red pout  ;)


  • Ponds TM
  • Colorbar Blush in Just earth
  • Herbal kohl as base
  • Any black shadow on upper and lower lashline
  • Loreal Volume shoking
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Oriflame waterproof top coat
  • Colorbar eye glide on color in "blackout"

I think You must have noticed , My neck doesnt quite match my face , My neck has some strange yellowness to it .
No matter How wisely I try to choose a base , I end up looking like Simpsons, If I try to match the face with neck *sigh*

Pardon the bushy brows , been growing it back after the beautician trimmed it down to 2 straight lines :/

And if you fancy a subtle take on RED lips , check out this tutorial by Mrunmayee on "" HERE
This is it . Hope You like it . Please Do comment  and a Big shoutout to my new Followers !!
And Don't hesitate to ask me if You want a review on something specific, I will be most happy to oblige :)

Ciao :)


  1. Sexy.. ur skin has improved like ALOT.. u look fab and i really like the more sexy version of the red lips than the subtle one. yes im more of the hotty than cutie.. And you totally rock the red.

    You go girl.. 18 or 23 you definitely do red the justice.

  2. Wow babes! You totally look hot! I am loving the cranberry red lips a lot!!

    I think u nailed it :D

  3. you look HOT* like paris hilton says hot*, you can defo wear red lips, red lippie suits u babe,

  4. & Yea, yr skin has cleared up so beautifully! Amazing! Love the clear skin & glossy lips.

  5. You rocked it , babes. It is such a sexy red and it suits you so well. I think you must just get dressed in black, wear high pumps and you will make so many guys go weak at their knees. :P

    Me loved it. I guess I will also do MY Red post soon. :)

  6. Guys , em so overwhelmed by the comments . I thot that maybe I'm making a fun of myself :D
    But you guys really boosted up my confidence regarding the red lips :)
    I so loove you .
    Thanks for the kind words . They really mean ALOT to me :)

  7. tanny :- I told you , that Homemade Lush stuff is secret to my clear skin :P
    @priyanka - Love yew gurl ! I am so pleased with the comment :0
    @Rati - waitin waitin :P
    @Sarah - Lol! Thanks for the generous comment . maybe I'll try to wear it out :)

  8. ^^ 謝謝你的分享,祝你生活永遠多彩多姿!........................................

  9. Wow..Palak,

    It does look quite bold. But know what?? It looks really nice on you. I feel your step by step procedure to get the right depth of colour is excellent.

    Btw, I somehow thought that the yellow neck is due to uneven lighting..and Simpsons?? ROTFL.

    looks like its laughter riot for me from yesterday...First Cynth,then Tanveer and now you..:-D

  10. did somebody dare to say u luk bad or whatever? U luk as beautiful as always :) ur pout? Supa dupa sexy :)

  11. Who said reds are not for 18 year olds ,you have done it up so well :) if i ever try something like that i will look like a half washed up clown :)

  12. Thanks Ki :)
    @Poornima - Yes,the yellowness is exaggerated by uneven lightinin but actually it is pretty apparent in real life too :( Any Suggestions ?
    hehe , I agree T's last post was awesome !!

  13. @Divi- Aww.. divi ..I am blushing.. Thanks. You always shower me with compliments:)

    @VO- You just need to find your "red" and I am sure you will smashing HOT in it :)

  14. i love your thick eyebrows :) and ooohh look hot in those red lips. you definitely rocked it.

  15. Actually i wrote the commented twice and still didnt find it here ...any way let me write it for the third time

    First of all you are having a magical glow on your skin :)Is it because you got over with your exams;)

    Also i admire your guts for taking up red but you are rocking in this look.You have handles red with such oomph which many women can not even think about it.

    Also i read that your friend dont take make up things nicely and that is why you have not disclosed the blog to them.

    Well i think you can be a icon for them .What if they talk behind you .I know you are at a sensitive age but still you will love it when those friends will start admiring you and will ask for tips when you go to college:)

    Pheww!!! Long comment..hope this get published;)

  16. @becky Thanks a tonne :)
    @Anamika - Aww.. Thanks girlie..I am still very hesitant about it.Thanks for your support and Sorry for the trouble my blog posed for you !

  17. I actually think you look great with red lippie on! It totally suits you!

  18. I think u look HOT girl!! That red totally suits you. Love that smile in the first pic ;)
    Now that yr exams are over pls do more FOTDs k hehe...


  19. omg! the color looks so hot on you hun :) Suits you a lot for sure

  20. Hey! Red looks hot on your pretty lips girl! xoxo

  21. Heyyy..saw this pic of yours. I don't know very many people who look that good in a red..this is totally your colour..and to think you were so hesitant about posting this!!!!