Saturday, April 17, 2010

Revlon Foundation review

         Revlon Colorstay Active Foundation Review 

What it claims :- Tired of your makeup giving out before you do? Revlon has the solution – A light, sweatproof makeup that can keep up with you. ColorStay Active™ Light Makeup provides smooth, natural, light coverage that lasts up to 16 hours. SoftFlex™ formula provides a lightweight, comfortable feel. Makeup is sweat proof, sun proof, and rub-off proof*, even during exercise. Designed for all skin types. Oil-free. Non-pore-clogging. Non-irritating. SPF 25.

*Will not rub off with normal use


Price :- 595 INR for 30 mL

  • Lasts long enough ( 5-6 hours on me )
  • Covers blemishes quite well
  • Has SPF 25 ( Dont matter to me , coz to reap benefits you must apply 1 teaspoon and believe me , thats a hell lotta stuff !)
  • I would say its Rub, water and swear RESITANT
  • Matches my skin decently ( I have this is medium beige)
  • My skin does look flawless when I apply it.Great for evening out skin tone and covering slight blemishes.
  • Oily and combination skin fellas with fairly decent skin will like it 
Cons :-
  • Very thick for my taste
  • Gives a cakey finish , Not the most user friendly foundation. You will need to do lot of blending to make it look like second skin
  • Dries pretty quickly and may prove difficult to blend
  • Limited shade range , unlike its big brother (Orignal Colorstay )
  • Not the best foundation for acne prone skin
  • Dry skin will find it terrible
  • Gives a white cast when used with fingers
  • Has tendency to cling on pimples . YUCK !
Its an OK-ish foundation . I do love the fact that it makes my skin look good but the cons outweight the pros :(  I have it since a year and to be very frank , I didnt like it when I was on my breakout spree . It did nothing to make my skin look good , in fact it accentuated the dryness , made my blemishes look grey and I had every reason on this earth to dislike the foundation. But few days back , prior to my review , I decided to give this one last chance and Voila ! It aint half as bad .
Would recommend to ladies with Oily - Normal combination skin who seeks medium coverage.


Application :- Moisturize your face well. There should not be any dry areas or the foundation will cling. Squeeze out the desire amount on the back of your hand .Now spray some rose water on your Blush brush ( I use Vega's) , Dip it in the foundation and use desired amount on your face , dabbing and swirling. This technique is very similar to airbrushing ( in layman's term , airbrushing is putting numerous tiny dots on a skin untill the you can't diffrentiate the foundation from skin )
This technique is also called stippling brush method. I stipple then buff with a big powder brush and then set it with a translucent powder.

The process is very tedious, I know. but for 595 INR , I was determined to make it work :D

Repurchase :- Hell NO . Cant devote 10 minutes on applying the foundation !!

Sorry , Not being very regular with the posts .But my life is haywire , busy with entrance and classes . Will be a good gurl and post more often after I secure my place in some good institute :P
Till then , 
Mwah ;)


  1. At last you came up with a post...seems like ages:D

    you know you make your review really really interesting...

    I was planning to test this product and thankfully you saved my time and effort:)

  2. Hehe .. yup, I try to post often buh time constraints ,, I tell you , Its not easy being a student :P
    N thanks you made my day , I really dig compliments :D

  3. Hey Palak,

    This was somewhat a similar experience I had with Maybelline...But know what? I didn't even have the patience to make it work :-(

    Btw, do give Max Factor a try. I recently bought and quite liking it..

  4. eee.. Poornima , I was intending to get MF second skin and MAC studio fix powder , buh hardly have time to go for shopping .. MF and MAC stores are located quite far away :(
    Btw which foundation you got ???

  5. Oh thank god you did this review. I have been eyeing this foundation for quite sometime now. SAs.. Sigh!!

    Same what Poornima mentioned. She and I are loving the MAx Factor's age renew foundation but I guess that might not suit your oily skin. :( Am I right, Poornima? :)

  6. good luck with the entrance hun! :)

    and the foundation does not sound very promising! I wonder if we have this here in the Uk

  7. The pricing is kinda cheap for a revelon product no?

  8. @get gawjus - Thanks
    @Rati -I am sure it wont suit my oil mine :/
    @VO- haha , yup . That maybe becoz I bought it a year back , not sure if they have inflated the price again :(

  9. Palak : I got the Age Renew Foundation from Max factor. Sorry..missed this question, hence delay in answering :-)

  10. Too bad it is cakey! N they say 'light foundation'!
    My best wishes for yr entrance n all girly