Tuesday, December 29, 2009



hey guys , I know em convicted for my unceremonious absence from the blog world , but so much has been happening to me lately , personal stuff .. n I ws uninspired to do any post .. sorry , I know lot of you wondered where I disappeared (sorry divija , rati !)
last 20 days have been a whirlwind affair ,I didnt know and it was gone :(

My Christmas was particularly gloomy but yer posts and my parents did cheer me up :)
now everythin is settled and em a happier person :))

Now em lookin forward to read Indian blogs I recently dicovered (kajal coutre, bellepedia, desiigurll87 and a brown gurls beauty blog !!)( diss me for the spelling , em typing fervently !)
Dont worry , I will always be around and will try to comment every so often .. but till March , I need to study a lot ,, after dat yu are gonna see a hell lotta posts :))

and yea , Tanveer I tried yer homemade "angels on bare skin" scrub and oh man !! I was so pleased with the result , my whiteheads were nowhere to be seen !! Thanks a tonne :D( yuh saved me 500INR :P)

Thanks yuh all for the wishes , my exams went awesome ,, awaiting the result :)
P.S - thanks a tonne cynthia , Divija and Rati for giving me another award !! I feeel so lucky to have blogger friends like yuh !!

Love yuh loads
have a smashing new year :))


  1. Hey!! So damn glad to hear from you! Very glad that you are back to blogosphere!!

    So happy i saved you some monies.. I have been using that home made dupe myself for a few days and it makes my skin very soft! :D

  2. Aww!!! I hope all your worries vanish in thin air. I am still using my angels on bare skin but I promise to try Tanveer's method after that. :P

    You study hard and we would be around for you support you with whatever holds best for you.

  3. ahh..gud luck with ur studies n exams..n im luking forward for the month march to come faster.. :P

  4. better late than never ;) glad u r back with a bang...nobody can stop u now, my dear

    we r always there to hit u if that lifts ur spirit ;) especially, I am there to hit u d most....loads of luv

  5. heyyy
    glad your feling better!!
    thanx so much for the mention..
    good luck with the results..hard work always has a good outcome!
    keep smilin

  6. A very Happy New Year to you. :)

  7. awww....gosh .. em so ecstatic to hear frm yuh .. u make me thank for da past year .. srsly .. starting a blog , getting frnds like yuh is a pleasure !!
    Thanx for bieng dre :)
    n Divija , this post is specially dedicated to yu , I know yu were very worried for me :)
    love yuh beauties
    N HAppy new year :)))

  8. Hi Palak..happy new year girly. I'm glad that ur happier now...looking forward to yr posts. I absolutely love yr visits to my blog...so don't disappear anymore k :) n thanks for yr encouragement n support always sweetie

  9. dedicated to me? somebody pinch me! I am flattered, Palak! Do I really deserve a post dedication? May be YES! thnx a lot 4 d previlege n honor ;)

    n thnx a bunch 4 d wishes ;)