Sunday, December 6, 2009

small LUSH haul

Small Lush haul !!

omg , em so very excitd to tell ya about my ( wel ,, my mum got me these)recent LUSH haul !
Oh , em so very Happy !!!

She got me 2 cleansers :-
Fresh pharmacy
Cleansing chamomile & calamine bar for troublesome skin Fresh Farmacy is the soothing cleansing bar to reach for whenever you see feel a spot starting to make its unwelcome presence noticed. Use it like soap: it makes a tiny bit of froth to clean your face gently. Because it’s made with masses of calamine and chamomile, it’s one of the most extraordinarily calming cleansers known to woman (and man). We add rose, tea tree and lavender essential oils as they add to its powerful, skin-calming properties. It doesn’t only deal with spots, it soothes and eases many more serious skin troubles too
RS 550 for 100gm


Soothing liquorice & charcoal cleansing bar Charcoal and diamonds are both made up of the carbon molecule, However, we don’t recommend that you wash your face with ground up diamonds: a bit expensive and too scratchy. Ground up charcoal is very good for your skin, though; it helps to absorb excess sebum from the skin’s surface and acts as an exfoliator. Hence we put it into a complexion bar with skin softening liquorice root plus rosewood and sandalwood essential oils, both rumoured to help cells regenerate and to slow the arrival of wrinkles.

Rs 600 for 100 gms

This is how coalface looks like
(it reminds me of truffle pastry , mind yu ,just the looks , not smell !!)

just to prolong its life , I sliced it into small pieces , stored in air-tight container and kept it in fridge

( got this idea from some blog , I dont rem. da name buh maybe Plue )( correct me if yu know , thanks )

This is hw fresh pharmacy looks
( dont kill me ,I knw its lame. buh doesnt it resembles strawberry pudding ?)

I grabbed this piece and till nw used it for 3 washes , so happy to inform , its still there !!

so yu get the idea , It is expensive , buh will last a good time if handeled correctly

so far I'm loving it , will update soon about these cleansers !!

till then
enjoy !!


  1. Hey nice stuff. Great idea to store them in the fridge. They have such a bloody short shelf life, so u might as well do something about it. Fresh pharmacy looks like cheese cake to me haha :D
    Let us know if they're worth a try k

  2. The other day I visited their store in Select City Walk. While I was still looking around a lady walks into the store and starts with her box of complains. "Oh! this dandruff bar-useless!" "The soap does not lather". blah blah blah!I got so irrittated with her that I left the store without buying anything. :(

    To me the products looked tempting especially the handcream. And I really want to buy their stuff.

    I will wait for your reviews, baby. :) Good Luck!

  3. Uiiiii...Lush finally! enjoying ur treat, palak?

  4. @cynthia - yeah , cheesecake also sounds convincin :)
    @Rati - u shud have got smthin !!I wonder hw can yu pass past that shop widout gettin Nethin .just try it , I have started seeing lil improvent in my skin . Hope it continue to do so *crosses fingers*
    @divja- yeah girl , lovin it !! btw yu mst have tried LUSH products !they are cheapr there !!hw du ya find em ?

  5. Palak, yet to try them. We have Lush in Glasgow, but not sure if its in Stirling...

    Uiii....did I say where I live?????????

    take care, little puppy :)

  6. Hey sweet girl..ya i know I've been a bad bad girl *cringe* but like u said..we girls. But it's okay i'll b good after this month ;P
    U'll have a credit card one day..don't worry. For now, just be a good mama's girl n she'll always let u use hers.. lol :D

  7. yes please! reviews would be lovely hun :)

  8. hey! Nice products!

    Frankly just like Rati, I have been to a lush store a couple of times but havn't bought anything.. it is really not tht hard.. LOL.. :D

    It just seemed tht the prdts were very expensive and there were no reviews i cld go buy to decide.
    Really looking forward to your review.. esp on tht charcoal block.. :D

  9. Yay! your blog is back.I was worried where had your blog disappeared..

  10. Hey happy to see u didn't lose yr blog girly :)
    I like the new bright background too