Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Maybelline Whitestay UV Review

                                            Maybelline Whitestay UV Review

This is for Ki :)

What it Claims ?                                                            Maybelline dream matte powder and UV compact
Glowing Finish instantly
Vitamin C brightens skin tone instantly for visible fairness that lasts all day
SPF 18 UV filters protect from skin darkening
Skin Stays Flawless and Fresh All Day Long
Hides dark spots and imperfections for a flawless natural look
Oil free powder keeps skin feeling fresh through the day

Silky Soft Texture
Ultra fine powder spreads easily and smoothly onto skin
Lightweight and mild, this powder is suitable for everyday use

Dermatologically tested . Allergy tested . Wont clog pores

Price-150 INR -Pretty cheap.eh !
It comes in 5 shades
  1. White Ivory
  2. Light Ivory
  3. Natarul
  4. Nude
  5. Fawn


  • Affordable
  • Medium coverage.Now I know why they call it a compact and not a powder.
  • Blends easily
  • Does brighten up my face
  • Has SPF 18
  • Oil free
  • Great for people who needs light coverage


  • The chalky white shade , It gives a pathetic white cast
  • Limited shade selection for people with darker skin
  • Vit C is unstable ,How did they manage to store it in 9 gms of powder ?(ha, my Chem textbook says so)
  • It is NOT an alternative to sunscreen, contrary to what Diana Penty claims in the advertisement.
  •  Not the best pal for oil control , I will prefer Maybelline dream matte powder over it anyday.


As you can see , Dream matte is sheerer while UV compact gives more coverage.
Btw I have shade "NUDE" in UV compact and "honey beige" in dream matte mousse . "nude" gives me a brighter complexion while MDM is great for oil control.


  • Use it with a Powder/Kabuki, puff picks up WAY too much of product.
  • You may use it after applying the sunblock to reduce the greasiness and provide you with some coverage
  • DONT confuse it with a SETTING powder , use it after foundation only if you fancy a high coverage . FOUNDATION+ Maybelline UV compact is too heavy for me . I prefer something lighter to set my TM/concealer with. Like maybelline Dream matte mousse/MAC prep+prime or Maybelline loose powder.

This is a great budget buy .I am on my second pan , I got this when I was a novice at make up and liked it a lot as a beginner . But as I ventured deep into the make up , I realised it is not the most smooth powder  .But when I am in a rush , I just use this with a Kabuki and I'm ready to go.
A thumbs up from me.You wont get a better deal at a price so LOW !!

Till then Take care !


  1. Currently using Streetwear..once I hit pan, I guess I shud give Dream Matte a try :-)

  2. How is the streetwear one , Poornima ?

  3. Hi :)
    The Health and Glow beauty shop in Bangalore is offering this thing free with 500 bucks worth of Maybelline products. I already have one of them, the pure white shade. Sad to say that the free stuff was available in only two shades: Fawn, too dark for me and the same old white, but why say no to a freebie, right? :) Yes, it does look ghastly white, but it seems to tone down a bit after about an hour of wear. I use my TBS face and body brush to apply it.

  4. Welcome to my blog,Mukho,
    yeah ,Maybelline have these promotional offer here too. Glad you like it :)

  5. I am so buying this. Convinced 100% now. Hope I find my right shade. :)

  6. I also love how cheap this is! Bought it for my mom last year in Ivory. I might have to check out the dream matte powder. Gotta love Maybelline prices!


  7. yay got two reviews of this at IMBB and now here... thanks palak!!! :) :-*

    I'm convinced enough to go get me one. :D

  8. Maybeline is really improving and is coming up with good stuff at reasonable prices when compared to Lakme.

    Will surely try it out .

  9. yup gurls , I do recomend it. Do check it out and lemme know :)

  10. At just 150 INR, its such a fantastic deal from our trusted drugstore brand, Maybelline!


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  12. I love this for its price and quality.. but needs a bit of buffing and blending. All the same it is a good buy :)

  13. I wna try the dream matte powder too but I dunno wht shade I would be coz I havta get it online! What shade do you think would suit me(NC30)?

  14. I do not like anything that leaves a whitish cast behind...good thing you alerted me Palak.

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  16. @Jomol - Thats the case only with the "white ivory shade"
    You can give other colors a try :)

  17. I completely agree with your overall comment! I'm the same as you. Completed my 12th this year(hehe). Tomorrow is the result! I have this product in the natural shade! Have you ever take a picture after applying this????? Your face glows like the moon!. Do an experiment you'll know what I mean!