Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lakme blush in ginger surprise


Hi guys ,just wen a round of excitement ,thrill and lemming started on Tanveer's blog on this stuff .. I decided to bl
og about this blush !

so .. what makes this blush special ?? the golden shimmers and a strange resemblance to NARS ORGASM !

let me show ya some pics

This is what it looks like(em so sorry for poor quality pics .. again cliked my my phone camera .. em soon planning to get a DIGI- cam .. prolly by christmas .. till then .. Bear with me :P)

Here is the swatch

This color gives a subtle glow on my skin .. with a peachy golden color.. an absolute love!!
This is buildable buh from Pics I have seen on net and blogs .. I can surely say they aren't Alike !!

buh aside from that I was pretty much impressed by the color and texture .. very buttery !!
plus the shimmers are actually shimmers not SPARKLE !!

what came as a huge surprise was the packaging .. very sturdy .. plus it looks expensive and well , it is Rs 375/- for 6gms . compared to its regular line blushes at Rs 165/- .. tho they have less quantity buh still its Lakme and there was no way I wd have paid that much for a blusher . but again .. this blush review from 'eyemakeupaddictsblog" landed me with these !!

quite frankly I will not buy any more blushes from this line , I will rather save for MAC powder blushes(oh man ! did u see the "superdupernatarul" from holiday collection ?) and MAX FACTOR cream blushes .

In the end , its a nice blush to own.
I will give it 4 stars !!!*claps her hand*

mwah gurls . have a nice thursday .
R.I.P 26/11 victims :)

em sorry , didnt posted this before , couldnt locate this pic on ma lappie :(
This is how it looks on mah cheek

* excuse .. the small zits ,was recovering from acne

and the shadow (clicked this whilst I was near india and sunlite was fallin !!)


  1. Good review Palak. I also think it doesn't look like Orgasm at all. This leans way towards peach. Not a bad shade though. Hoping to see it up close n personal this weekend..
    Oh yeah it's 26/11..!!!R.I.P :)

  2. Hey Palak! Thks for the great review.. I had no idea it has shimmer.. Even Maybelline dream mousse blush has shimmer & I stopped using it for the same reason.. :D

  3. Palak, I guess my insight was correct on this blush. Great you got ur hands on it, though. Review was sweet and useful.

    RIP 26/11

  4. This colour resembles Colorbar's Peachy Rose a lot . It also has a gold shimmer in it. CB's blush costs Rs 250 and has an excellent texture. I guess you could try that.I also find this blush line of Lakme expensive.

  5. @cybthis - tell us how yu find it if ya get it !
    @Tanveer - yeah , shimmers are the reason that I dun use it often :(
    @divija-I read yer review n have to say , was quite impressed my it
    @rati - I wanted to try those blushes since lOOOOng time , buh nw i will surely do !
    which shade wd yu recomend ?

  6. I have used 4 out of 5 blushes from colorbar. let me review them for you in a day or two. Would that be fine with you? :)

  7. palak, r u xperiencing the same prob. I am not able to view rati's blog. says some link break. how do i comment on her blog :(

  8. This does resemble Nars Orgasm you now :)

  9. A detailed review on colorbar blushes is up :

    Enjoy and do let me know if you need more info! :)

  10. dunno shifa .. buh it doesnt lend that pink-peach glow ,more like a summery peachy look .
    buh yeah , I havent seen orgasm personaly , so cant be really sure of that !
    glad yu think its orgasm .. saved you a lot of $$(well,I knw yu are in UK .. buh cant find "pound" sign !!)

  11. Hi Palak,

    The blush is suiting you. It looks subtle. But is there also a hint of golden shimmer in blush?

  12. @rati- yeah , it does have minute shimmer . thats why I prefer to use it in evening . buh it kinds lights up my face , so I like it :)

  13. hey i have heard a lot of good stuff about lakme blushers. the price puts me off because the ones from colorbar cost only 250 bucks, but i still want to give this a try. thanks! :)
    and you clicked the pic near india gate? your bed, switchboard and charger are in the background! :D