Monday, November 23, 2009


helo gurlies .. !!

I have been tagged by my one of my favorite blogger "Tanveer" from "addictedtoblush"
to write post on "hit pan" i.e 6 beauty , skincare items em planning to repurchase . Here goes the list. Just to give you a background .. em in my late teens .. still plagued with occasional acne , VERY oily skin and loads of skin problems . So its very important for me to wear less make up and concentrate on improving my skin texture rather than concealing it with loads of pancake :P
I think you must have guessed that most of my HIT PAN stuff ain't cosmetics buh skincare stuff that work for me and I purchase it over and over again !!

1. Clean and clear blotting sheets- PURE necessity ! I NEED it .. since I have oily skin .. it saves me from being an oil slick :D

2. Neutrogena deep clean face wash- LOVE this .. after washing my skin has OH so CLEAN look !! LOVE LOVE LOVE

3. Palmers cocoa butter - I KNOW its for stretch marks buh it work wonder on my lips too !haha

4. Maybelline whitestay UV compact- just for the days when I feel I need to look polished ;)

5. Himalaya neem pack - when I need a sudden SOS

6. Loreal pure zone anti imperfection regulating moisturizer >>>> (Phew !!) and LACTO CALAMINE
I dont know if you wd be familiar with it .. buh Indian readers must be knowing about this cool stuff (lacto calamine).. it has been in our drugstore since YEARS .. buh I hardly used to take a look at it ! one day my mum got this for me and I must admit .. it work wonders .. I use this after my moisturizer (loreal one) .. and it instantly mattifies plus it also helps in contracting sallow undertones due to its pink color(now , thats my personal opinion .. U may or may not feel the same way !)
can also be used at make up primer . A real drugstore gem !! I highly recommend it . BTW I use the one for normal to oily skin.
have a b'ful day !!
TC . mwah :)


  1. Finally, there u r posting something! Ur tag was interesting, palak! Enjoy reading ur post!

    Lacto Calamine makes me nostalgic, again! Thanq!

  2. hehe !! btw girl , have yu used lacto calamine ?

  3. Hey Palak..nice post..might check out these CnC blotting sheets.
    I just wanna let u know that I'll be posting a review on touche eclat today or u can get details then. N girl how about gettin a chat box for yr blog? It's FUN n easy if pple just wanna say 'hi'..n by pple i mean 'moi' :)lol

  4. I have never used lacto calamine although I have not heard a single bad review about the product. Infact my naani swears by it. I am not sure when to use lacto calamine. Can we use it as afcae primer or is it some kind of tinted moisturizer?

  5. Palak, it was an all rounder, more over a medicine kinda thing in our family. I used it when I was a kid, but not now...:)

  6. rati .. it aint a tinted moisturiser .. it will just give you a matte (but NOT flat) finish .. I also believe it counteracts sallow undertones , so its great to use alsone if yu dun wan washes out look !
    Can also be used as a make up primer !

  7. Hey thanks. :) Am scared but I think I will try it out. :P

  8. Hey have added you on my blog roll. :)