Friday, November 27, 2009

small HAUL


so I went to shop for sum necessity and here's what I've got . felt like sharing :)

originally I wanted a pair of earrings to match my turquoise dress and stumbled upon Palmer's cocoa butter ,, and yu know em a big fan , I immediately stocked up !
then, oh my .. I saw a hair spray .. suave long lasting spray .. for 100 bucks .. ARe yu kidding me ?
have to get one :)

then , my quest to find dry shampoo in INDIA was ova , discovered "boots dry shampoo" at that store
*started dancing with joy*

gained composure and added it to mah basket
then comes the dampener

This spray cost 2 pounds in UK and in india they charged me a exuberant price of 595/- no discount !!

I was so pissed , but tormented by washing hair every single day in winter ,I succumbed and got it (yea,yea I have greasy hair too , in addition to oily skin . YES , U can call me an oil slick !):(

My total bill was 1595/-
and I regained my composure . WHY ?
Have to get good reason to justify my spending to mum :(

and here my happy-sad story ends.


  1. Uiii....luv the earrings

    thats a shame on that 595/- part. great haul, hun...waiting badly for ur reviews :) makes me happy if u post something on ur blog..

  2. Dry Shampoo! Woohoo! Even I wld do a quick dance if i were you..

  3. Aww...those earrings are sooo fabulous! Let us know how u find the suave hairspray girl...Suave, where have i seen that before??*scratching head*
    Dry shampoo sounds scary to me coz i already have hair that's dry... like straw lol :)

  4. @ divija- will try to update often !
    @tanveer-lets dance 2gdr :D
    @cynthia-suave is a popular drugstore brand in US .it has whole range of shampoos , condotioners and what not !U can get it from dollar store

  5. Hey! Hauls always make everyone so happy. We girls just love shopping no? :)Such pretty earrings.

    Which part of the country are you from? I have never been able to find Palmer's cocoa butter in Delhi. HAve read so much about it already. :(

  6. Palak, I nominated ur blog! Check it out in my blog...hope u like it:)

  7. @rati - em from Delhi too hun !!
    @divija-thanx a lot . will mention it in upcoming post :)

  8. OH! Then where did you buy Palmer's butter from? :P I am so glad. :)

  9. rati .. I got it froma shop in K nags "venus collection"

    buh i guess .. u live near saket .. U might want to try kunchals buh I wd advice you to speak with cynthia .. thats ma wild guess.. buh I fink yu shop from same places :)

  10. HI Palak,

    Yes I stay in GK-1. WIll ask Cynthia. Thanks babes. :)