Monday, March 8, 2010


Acne care routine

Hey guys .. its been long time .. I was not able to post often .. These boards are horrifying and more , if You are a science student !!

Let me share my story today

I have been plagued by acne ever since I stepped My puberty .. No matter how hard I try , How right I ate .. They never vanished

I hated my pimples .

Then my quest for ideal regime started .
I wanted these pimples to die .. FAST !!

I so Hate my 2 months before face . Things were aggravated due to my allergy to mushrooms . I had unknowingly ate it thrice .. my face swelled , my eyes were nowhere to be seen and the red bumps covered my whole face.

It took me 2 weeks to get over :(

But Now I have fairly clear skin and it feels lucky to be blessed with clean face for once :D

Off track , But these are certain things which proved to be a blessing for me
  Skin care
  • Cetaphil cleansing milk
  • Lush colaface ( Yes. Its still with me :))
  • Mint and teatree toner
  • Fab India moisturiser + lacto calamine ( Yes  , I do have oily skin but I also need moisture to protect against dry winter winds)
  • Tanveer's homemade LUSH angels on bare skin
  • Himalaya Neem face pack(pain to wash off)
  • Tea tree Oil
  • Rice scrub + calamine ( makes excellent scrub .. use weekly)
      Make up wise em loving
  • Ponds tinted moisturizer 02
  • Oriflame tea tree cover stick ( green colored concealer to Hide redness)
  • Colorbar blush in Just Earth
  • Revlon lippie(forgot the name) topped with clear gloss
  • Colorbar Iglide pencil in Black ( I dunt rem the name , correct me if em wrong)

    Some Important Points

  • Just keep in mind to not to aggravate RED Pimples .
  • Use mild cleansers like CETAPHIL
  • DONT treat RED puss oozing pimples . They are better kept alone
  • Tea tree works wonder for me . While salicylic acid dont help much and benzoyl peroxide results in  Rashes on my skin   
  • Dont touch Your face too much
  • Use sanatizer of applying make up with bare hands(Himalaya hand sanatizer)
  • Dont wash face more than twice a day 
  • If oiliness is a problem . Use blotting sheets and use mattifying gel on T zone ( I love Ponds oil control concentrate)
   Keep this in Mind and Be positive .
   If everythin fails , Then remember life is too short to be wasted worrying about a PIMPLE !!
   There are more important things in life , Like SHOES !!


                        2 months before                                                                Post 2 Months


  1. That's a huge difference, Palak. And I am sure it's going to help a lot of people. The Himalaya sanitizer is a boon for me as well. It's so amazing. I am going to review it soon.

    Btw the name of colorbar's I define pencil is Midnight Black. Colorbar- ask me! :P

    I was not liking the just earth blush before but these days I see myself wearing it most of the time. :D Lovely! :)

    And I wear similar specs just that mine are full frames.:)

  2. yeah , I do have the I define pencil but the pecil I am talkin about is the latest launch from colorbar "I gide on pencil" .Its very creamy and sets after a minute and I think its great for extended wear and soft smokey looks !!

  3. Oh wow what a difference girly! Kudos! Hope yr exams are going well...or r they over? I'd like to try Cetaphil cleansing milk

  4. OMG Palak! I am so happy to read a post frm u after such a long time.. God i missed u so :D

    & wow wht a change! U look so radiant in tht pic.. & u won't believe how delighted I was to hear tht my home made lush dupe helped you.. I literally went dancing to my hubby to tell him tht i had a tinsy-winsy part to play in yr pretty skin.. I use this scrub once a week and it really helped me take off the tan i got in Goa. :D

    & I know the i-glide pencil u have mentioned.. I got it in brown & purple.. The one tht u can smudge just before it sets :)

  5. cynthia- Do try it .great as a mild non iritating cleanser
    Tanny- oh , thats so sweet of you and I really appreciate your comments :))
    yup , this scrub worked great for detanning the discoloration around my chin ,, all credit goes to you !!
    btw do tell me hw yu find these pencils
    Thanks a tonne gurl :)

  6. oh those. Yes, I am yet to get my hands on those pencils. :P lol!!

  7. wait ! wot did I say
    detanning the discoloration !??
    sorry , my bad
    "detanning the area around my chin"
    Pardon my grammar !
    @ rati - I am sure , yu'll love em !!exactly what you need in a pencil !!"

  8. Hey Palak,

    Nice to see your post. And wow, you do look diferent form the 2 months back pic..Glad to know that you were able to achieve your clear skin target :-)

    **runs to Tanvi's blog to see the Homemade Lush recipe**

  9. Hey!!! Thas a remarkable difference and must say you really worked hard on it.My skin is same like yours but I rarely have acne problem.I just Jaifal remedy and they are gone with in 2 days and don't leave any marks too...

    Thanks for visiting my blog and yes I loooovvvee Fab India Moisturizer.Tried it for the first time:)

  10. I have also used cetaphil ..but stopped now n using pears soap.. n using Lacto calamine..Can I apply Lakme compact Poweder over lacto calamine????

  11. @haseena - Welcome to my blog :)
    oh yes .. yew can do that. I dont see any problem there :)