Wednesday, March 24, 2010


 I Have a thing for kajal .. BIG BIG thing for kajal .. currently I own 20 :P
been using it regularly since birth but started using the cosmetics ones since 13 , I think
I know most of yew prefer Herbal kajals .. I have both but herbals seems to smudge on me .. no matter how hard I try :(
But whenever you are using liners to line your waterline make sure it is ophthalmologically , hypoallergenic and safe for contact lens wearers (In case yew wear lenses ,like me)

My 5 years of journey with kajal was rocky . We had our ups and down . It had often result in Racoon-ed eyes ,
What I love most is - I didnt leave 'His" side :P
And here , I found my new love .. presenting yew Colorbar eye glide on pencil in Blackout

 Its creamy , long lasting and smudge proof .,. I Love it :)
Not sure if its my HG .. will notify ya !!

Some basic of kajal( From Vogue October issue)
  1. Prep Your Eyes -Wipe off existing eye makeup and dirt . Conceal under eye area using some long concealer , set it with some transluscent powder . Sharpen your pencils. Place ring finger on outer corner and lift the skin up slightly
  2. Define Lids - Position pencil on outer corner of lashline. tilt the tip slightly so its on its sideand draw inwards lining the eyes in short strokes, wriggling the pencils in between roots as you go. Repeat to Darken
  3. Trace below- Using ring finger , lightly press skin just below the centre of lower lashline . place the pencil tip on top of the lashes at outer corner , slant it so the side rest on lashline. stopping just short of tear duct . Repeat
      4. Blend- Sharp line makes eye look smaller .Soften edges by using a smudger over the existing  liner and sweeping a Taupe shadow over it . For dramatic smokey look , Use black shadow .

Some pointers

  • Dust some transluscent powder under the eyes whilst workin with shadows and liners . Then You need not worry about cleaning the under eye area. simply remove it with a big powder brush
  • If you have oily lids , Use some primer(MAC paint pot , Beyu eye primer). I made mine my mixing a little concealer with Ponds matte oil control concentrate and YAY it works :)
  • Dont pull the eyelids taut when applying liner . Over time it will cause wrinkling of eye area
  • Apply kajal to upper rim of the eyes too . It gives them desired depth and make the lashes look fuller
  • Use Q tips handy . Clean the inner corner of eyes with them as kajal have tendency to accumulate there.  You can also use them to smudge the liner :)

                                           This is how I line my waterline :)

Happy lining everyone :)


  1. hi palak.. even i love lining my waterline with kajals and that is one beauty product i cant do without i love it even more than my lipglosses.. and i line them the same way u do urs..

    one lil request though.. can u please give us a review on Ponds matte oil control concentrate..pls pls

  2. Know what??

    I was about to ask you in twitter today why you haven't posted in a while. And then I thought probably coz of your exams.. have 20 kajals?? **bows down**

  3. awesome post.

    i'll definitely try out colorbar's range when i am in india :)

  4. @priyanka - sure .. will do this in a day or two
    Yew need not say so many please :)
    Isnt lining yer eyes the BEST thing in world ??:P

  5. @poornima- hehe .. I told yew i gotta BIG things for kajal :P

  6. @shivani - Yeah , colorbar has some great stuff . do try them out once yew visit India :)
    Yew wont be disappointed !

  7. this looks great on you hun! I love kajal's too but hardly wear them as they all do seem to smudge when worn on a daily basis :(

  8. I am also a kajal girl. My eyes tend to look sleepy if I don't wear one but since the summers are getting harsher with every passing day, I am relying on mascaras mostly.

    Until I found the MAC paint pot I used to make my eye primer myself only. Learnt it from a youtube guru. :P I used to mix my concealer with the Lotus sunscreen coz it's oil free and matte.

    Loved the way you explained everything. :) And yay! for a new post. :)

  9. Palak! I so know what you mean - I too have like more than 20 eyeliners in a ton of colors to make up for the fact that I can't wear black. I have a huge collection of shades in charcoal grey, brown, purples, jade greens, bronze, coppers.. I even have pink, silver and blues. I just love liners and can understand your obession - like totally. Colorbar is one of my favourite brands for liners, I also love Jordana & NYX.

    Btw that is such clean kajal line under your eye. I am impressed.

  10. I am a Kajal freak too and I never buy one kajal again as i love to try one after the another..till date i adore 2 kajal ,one is of shehnaj and second chambor.

    You have so many kajal please let us know which one is best of all according to you:)

  11. @shifa- yep .It happens but I start lookin like corpse if I dun wear it :(

  12. @Rati - Wow gurl .. I need to make the same primer too and see which one performs better !
    Thanks for da tip !

  13. @Tanny - yeah I know .. even I have lots of liner in different colors .. goin gaga over Iglide pencil in Electra .. makes my Brown eyes stand out !!
    wow Pink ?? how do you pull it off ?? gimme some tips !!

  14. @anamika - hehe .. we are the birds of same feathers .. same here I neva repurchase same kajals .. but I totally love colorbar ones .. I even tried some higher brands like MAC .. smolder pencil , I think.. but didnt quite like it .. it smudges like crazy but good for smokey looks in winters :P

  15. Great tips Palak!U have 20 kajals???WoW! :o
    Good to see yr new posts...keep em coming!


  16. sure Cynthia
    You wont be disappointed :)