Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hey guys !!
Yesterday was my farewell and I enjoyed to the core , Had lots of food , clicked hell lotta pictas and danced till our soles hurt :D

N yeah I even wore a saree , Thanks to Rati .. she gave me advice on right make up and stuff .. But at last I settled for less is more look
I just wore
Ponds tinted moisturiser , Oriflame teatree cover stick ( for hiding redness) , Colorbar peachy rose blush and MAC prep + prime finishing powder
Streetwear cream shadow in groovy baby , Colorbar I define pencil in black , Colorbar I glide on color in jaded
,loreal voluminous
Loreal Glamshine in quartz strauss

So this is how I looked in saree (and my friend in Pink)
I was lookin so Ladylike , I got horrified :S

Excuse the nasty red bumps , I cant get rid of them no matter how hard I try :D
I have no idea of this ridiculous white-cast (blame the crappy lights + flash and the SPF)
btw the guy above is my bestie and my couple for the night(we saved 300 bucks on couple pass :D)
Yes, We are cheap :P 

This is at Ivy Bar(continuation Party)
                                                      and below is my escort ;)
                                           This was the most happening day of my life and there are more to come 
but for now , I think I shud start studying , boards are less than 20 days away !!


  1. Hey..

    Thanks for visiting my blog and joining too.

    Do keep coming.Good readers are always an inspiration to write more and write better :-)

  2. Btw,

    Is your saree with an embroidered border..The colour is gorgeous..

  3. Thanks , its mah pleasure :)

    yeah the color is gorgeous . thats why I chose it :D

  4. The pictures are beautiful, Palak. :) It so reminded me of my farewell. That was the first time I ever wore saree. :)

    And your face so reminds me of someone I lost last year... Don't know I am happy or sad about it.


  5. Thanks Rati :)
    em sure yu rocked there too

    oh , em sorry if my similarity to her oved one disturbed you . God bless her
    *hugs back*
    n thanks for da wonderful advices yu gave me :)

  6. aww u look so sweet in a sari hun! :)

  7. Hey, U look really nice in both the saree and the LBD!

    All the best for the exams :D

  8. U look beautiful in a saree the makeup. Yr continuation outfit looks fab too. Glad to see u had fun

  9. I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................

  10. Looks like somebody is having a double treat ;) PALAK! Come back to Earth! Get ready for the board exams....LOLZ

    I can imagine u surrounded by tonnes of books! Did i just forget to say u luk ravishing? ((MUAH)) which means hugs and kissess...I know i am too lazy!

  11. wahhooo yaar i also enjoy ur farewell party with ur blog...Thanxxxxxxx

    Keep doing ha ha hi hi .......

    Jai HO Mangalmay HO

  12. The pic of you in the saree is not loading on my comp! Anyhoo, liking your blog, check mine out too!!

  13. cant see ur pic palak!!!!!!!